At 黄木书院, we meet our students where they are - ahead, behind, or right on pace. LOVEBET爱博体育知道坚实的数学基础, 科学, 社会研究, 英语是LOVEBET爱博体育学生成功的必要条件. 你的学生团队将亲自制定他们的计划, 他们的老师每天都会亲自制作. 通过与你的学生互动, we will bring time-honored studies alive to both enthusiastic and reluctant learners. 如果你的学生因为任何原因不得不离开学校, 他们回来的时候程序还在原地.

Our students can take any combination of our classes; some of them full-time, 另一些人则在另一所学校参加LOVEBET爱博体育的课程, 还有一些人只是来补习的.

课程分为多个层次:基础、标准、荣誉、 & AP(大学先修课程).

具有独特的个性化内容和类, 黄木书院 utilizes standards-based grading (SBG) as an approach to student learning and assessment in which the mastery of skills over time is what drives a grade, 而不是总积分. SBG aligns with our educational philosophy in that it provides adaptive and actionable feedback to students as they progress through each course. 与沙特, 学生被赋予自我评估的权利, and p艺术ner with their YWA instructor to co-create a meaningful educational experience.

卢克- 12年级
Luke来到YWA是为了寻找一所更容易控制他焦虑的学校. 因为家庭作业更多的是一种压力,而不是有意义的工作, 他的数学老师给他制定了一个不带作业回家学习微积分的计划. With the extra bandwith he's gotten back into 音乐 and this year joined a YWA rock-band as a drummer.
Brianne - 10年级
Brianne was a good student but she struggled to keep up with school while she was on her travelling soccer team. 一次离开一个星期后,想要赶上进度是不可能的. At YWA her teachers made a program just for her that is always right where she left it when she gets back to school.
科尔喜欢学习,他既聪明又好奇. He was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder two years ago and he learns best when his classes are tailored to his interests and accomodate his need for quiet spaces and time to process changes. 知道他喜欢蜥蜴, his YWA teachers wove that into his lessons: writing his first ever research paper about Chuckwallas, 做一个关于蜥蜴寿命的数学统计项目, 在设计思维课上为他的宠物蜥蜴3D打印栖息地.
乔丹是一个充满活力的孩子,他参与了尽可能多的活动. Their YWA teachers provided a supportive environment while they grew in their identity. Their teachers also challenged them in reading and writing while slowing down and building their foundational skills in math.
Jack was diagnosed with dyslexia and dysgraphia in 2nd grade and struggled to keep up with his peers in a large classroom. His YWA teachers tried out manipulatives and accessible 技术 until they found tools that helped him gain confidence in his own learning. 在YWA的第一年结束时, 他利用图书馆借书和阅读章节书来取乐.



Dr. 伊丽莎白·彼得森


At 黄木书院, we tailor our educational programs to each individual student. 对一些学生来说,他们的课程可能包括特殊教育服务. Because our certificated special education teachers teach across all disciplines, Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) can be seamlessly integrated into students’ daily schedules.

LOVEBET爱博体育以学生为中心的项目为所有学生提供SDI, 他们是否需要特殊教育服务. This means that students are not singled out and pulled from class in order to receive SDI; rather, 学生的教学“分钟”已经融入了他们的一天. 黄木书院 is proud to foster an inclusive environment that celebrates the diversity of all learners.

Any student who has struggled in a larger classroom environment would really benefit [from YWA]. 例如, we might get kids who have learning disabilities that have not been detected yet — or we might have kids who have been bullied — or they have anxiety and a typical classroom environment is just too much for them at the moment. … If any student just feels like they hate school and they can’t do and it’s not working for them — they should consider this as an option.”

(LOVEBET爱博体育)不会只是说,‘哦,天哪,要是这样就好了.’ It’s really empowering to know our students well and be able to assess them thoroughly, 不仅要看他们的增长领域是什么, 还有他们的优势是什么. 站在我的立场, I will know if a kid who walks into the classroom is really happy or if the kid is bummed out. It’s nice to have the ability to figure that out and do something about it — that’s one of the most rewarding things about my job — helping students in that way.”
— Dr. 伊丽莎白·彼得森,学习专家




无论学生的道路是什么,交流将帮助他们到达那里. We know that every student needs to feel comfortable both learning new information and telling people about their thoughts. 这是我的想法, LOVEBET爱博体育英语系的重点是识字, 分析, 写作是一种交流思想的工具.


Jacquelin Remaley

数学是一门学生不是喜欢就是讨厌的学科. Our Math dep艺术ment is equipped to meet both sorts of learners and all those in between. We approach each class to meet the learning style of the students: hands-on projects, 传统的学习, 以及现实世界的经验.



Our immersive 社会研究 curriculum challenges our students to engage with the world and its history. 人们从来没有接触过这么多的信息. LOVEBET爱博体育的学生学习分析信息来源, 把信息放在上下文中, 批判性地思考过去和现在的事件.



It is important for all our students to understand the workings of the natural world. Our science program works with students of all ages to develop their scientific thinking, 学习核心概念, 并与动手实验和活动互动.




Our library is jam-packed with both curriculum for teachers to use with students as well as books and 漫画小说 for students to pursue on their own. Our collection allows our teachers to be incredibly flexible in what tools they use with their students. LOVEBET爱博体育的一些学生想要依靠经过考验的真正的最爱, 还有人想通过通俗小说学习技能, 漫画小说, 以及LOVEBET爱博体育大量的非小说类书籍.



健康和健康是LOVEBET爱博体育学生教育的必要组成部分. LOVEBET爱博体育的终身健康项目在许多方面与传统体育不同. LOVEBET爱博体育专注于满足学生的舒适和健康水平. Our goal is for our students to learn to care for themselves in the healthiest way possible.



Music and 艺术 offers visual 艺术 programs that teach theory, design, and creation. Our students can hone in on a favorite medium, learn guitar or how to produce the newest track. They will learn how to approach 艺术 and 音乐 as a formal study and as a form of self expression.



科技是LOVEBET爱博体育所有学生生活中不可或缺的一部分. Our Applied Tech dep艺术ment focuses around helping students learn new 技术, 用它来解决问题, 并以同理心与周围的世界互动.



无论是大学还是世界,语言都为学生提供了机会. LOVEBET爱博体育提供七种不同的语言,包括现代语言和古典语言. 这些语言包括:日语、汉语、俄语、拉丁语、德语、法语、 & 西班牙语.